Why Digital Marketing- Every Thing You Need To Know

Marketing is an essential factor for the sales and promotion of a product. Without marketing, we can’t think about selling a product. For that, we have adopted various methods. In past we used traditional marketing methods to promote products. And it was successful on those times. Newspaper advertisements, distribution of samples were some of the successful methods which controlled the entire market.

But in this digital era we should think about advanced marketing strategies like digital marketing which is cheaper than offline marketing. Now, we are using mobile phones and computers for reading and searching. And we have no time to spend on newspapers and most of them prefer online newspapers. So digital marketing have importance on this digital era.
 If we need to read a particular topic, we never try to open huge books or search on newspapers, we just search it on Google and it is the easiest way. If we are giving advertisements of products through internet, it will easily reach to the customers. We can see several advertisements on websites while searching a topic. We can depend on advertising agencies to promote our products through websites.

Social media marketing

Social media marketing is also a part of digital marketing. We can use social media platforms like Facebook, twitter, Instagram etc. we can make pages on social media and promote our products by updating the page regularly by including all the relevant information about the products.

 I think social media marketing is more effective because it reaches most of the customers and they can communicate with us by giving feedback about the product.

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  1. Is there any free platform to study digital marketing?

  2. Google is providing digital marketing course for free

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