How to Publish An Effective Advertisement?

Advertising is the best way to promote a product. It is a paid form of non-personal communication. Advertising helps us to promote our product through new ideas, which helps to increase sales and generate profit.
We can see that various methods are adopted by the advertisers to promote the sales of products. Advertising is a paid service which is done by offline and online. And advertising is one of the best marketing technique exists in the world.

How to make advertising effective?

There are various elements we have to check before making an advertisement. Not every advertisement made great impacts on product sales.
So let’s check the various factors:

Attention of the customers is the first factor.

Every product need proper attention of the customers otherwise it will be a failure. We can see that some advertisements pioneered in the media and products got proper attention and sales automatically increased. So we can understand that proper planned advertisements attract the customers very fast.

By checking the advertisements [both print and video advertisements] done by celebrities get more attention and companies choose popular celebrities for promoting the product.
Some companies choose celebrities as brand ambassador for promoting their products.

Highlight the specifications of the product.

Another aspect is, advertisement should say about the specifications, quality, why the customer should buy this product? Big example for this is mobile phone market in the world. Technology is changing day by day and mobile phone manufacturing companies are competing in the market by using advanced technology.

Uses of jingles and taglines

By using jingles and taglines we can attract consumers. Most of the telecom companies use this technique where competition is very high and further advancements are controlled. Another benefit of this strategy is people will not forget the jingles and taglines and it influence in their purchasing decisions.

Public awareness and fear factor

Some companies make awareness about the products which is very healthy and non-hazardous and money saving. Products like organic vegetables which are safer to consume, and many companies started to produce organic products. We can see electric cars in non-hazardous to environment. And we buy 5 star rated electronic goods which saves money. Where did you know about it?

We get awareness about this from advertisements or other sources but, companies use this as marketing weapon. And advertisements are designed according to this.
Some companies make fear on people about their life and sell their product/service by using this as a weapon.

Insurance companies are using this technique. They create advertisements which tells that our future are insecure and their plans will helps us. So we will definitely choose this. This is also applicable in the advertisements related to vehicle insurance and other insurances.

We know that advertising is the best way to communicate to the consumers. So we have to make it effective and also cost-effective. And the advertisement should communicate in the best manner and should reach the targeted consumers.

Digital advertising in digital world

We know that everyone is depending on internet in present. So we can depend on digital advertising for cost effective advertising and it will reach large audience. There are different types of advertising methods in internet. They are video advertisements and banner advertisements.

Social media campaign and advertising is one of the effective ways to attract customers to a product. Major multinational companies have 
Facebook pages to introduce their product and communicate with the customers. Some of the companies are solving customer complaints by the social media communication.

Facebook advertisements

We can contact Facebook for advertise our product on Facebook and Facebook will publish our ads in videos. Facebook is giving importance to video advertisements.

Google ads

Google ads is an advertising publishing platform by Google. It publishes our ads in YouTube and other websites which AdSense is connected.  We can select the geographical area where the ad is published, also reaches the targeted customers based on their Google searches and online buying behaviour. And it will reach large audience with lowest cost than print ads and television ads. So it is effective.

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